Aliments ASTA offers highly valued and world-class pork meat products that have earned a reputation for excellence certified by many international organizations.

Animal Welfare Certification

Since November 2014, Aliments ASTA has been holding a certification of recognition of the standards of the Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines and Animal Welfare Audit Guide of the North American Meat Institute. An accredited expert of the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) conducted the audit.

This recognition is a continuation of the compliance process of Animal Welfare standards we started in our farms in accordance with the Canadian Animal Welfare standards of the Canadian Quality Assurance program (CQA). Our livestock carriers must apply the same compliance process by getting TQA-certified (Transport Quality Assurance) and thus meet the humane treatment of animals requirements.

Our employees understand animal welfare ethics and they receive the appropriate training to perform their handling tasks with the utmost respect for animals.

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SQF Certification

Certification SQF

Since February 2015, Aliments ASTA has been SQF-certified (Safe Quality Food, Ed. 8.1) with regards to food quality and safety standards. This means that Aliments ASTA is committed to providing products of superior value to its customers. For 35 years, Aliments ASTA has been producing, handling and preparing quality food products that meet the industry’s highest standards.

The Global Food Safety Initiative recognizes the SQF program as one of the most rigorous food safety management systems in the world.

This program, including the SQF Code Ed. 8.1 and its general policy-related documents, relies on an analyzing system of biological, chemical and physical hazards and of critical control points (HACCP), and on a food safety and quality coding system designed to meet established requirements.

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HACCP Certification

Certificat HACCP - Aliments Asta Inc.

Since May 2012, Aliments ASTA has been HACCP-certified (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point). The HACCP system helps to find, correct, and prevent biological, chemical and physical hazards, and it identifies critical control points. It goes beyond personal hygiene management at work and good manufacturing practice; it is primarily a world-renowned quality and traceability management system.

The system is based on prevention and product monitoring throughout the manufacturing chain instead of focusing on final product inspection; it requires constant evaluation and follow-up. It constitutes a necessary prerequisite to export to the United Sates.

At ASTA, the HACCP system was integrated as an approach building on continuous improvement and renewal of its commitment to safety and quality. This approach relies on the application of HACCP plans according to 7 monitoring and quality control principles.

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C-TPAT Certification


Aliments ASTA has been a member of the C-TPAT voluntary supply chain security program in a counterterrorism context, the Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. This certification guarantees optimal integrity, security and quality of supply and distribution chains.

The C-TPAT program aims to secure the supply chain from point of origin to destination; improve knowledge about security and raise the awareness of the international trade actors to the importance of the security factor; standardize the security approach at all stages of the supply chain; and develop a partnership that enhances interactions between the international business community and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

This certification confirms ASTA’s compliance with the program’s 29 security criteria in the following categories: Business Partners Requirements, Container and Trailer Security, Physical Access Controls, Personnel Security, Procedural Security, Physical Security, Information Technology Security, Security Training and Threat Awareness.

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