Management Team

Management Team

A Sense of Family

Every day, the owners and the management team dedicate themselves to business development and continuous improvement. They pursue the company’s mission and aim at specific targets: the achievement of stated objectives, clients’ satisfaction and the well-being of employees.

Jacques Poitras - Président

Jacques Poitras

Stéphanie Poitras - Directrice générale

Stéphanie Poitras
Chief executive

Carol Lévesque - Directeur des services financiers

Carol Lévesque
Financial Services Director

André Poitras - Directeur des ventes

André Poitras
Sales Director

Kevin Poitras - Directeur du développement et de l'exploitation porcine

Kévin Poitras
Sales and transport executive director

Chanel Fournier - Directeur du service qualité

Chanel Fournier
Quality Services Director

Édith Laplante - Directrice des ressources humaines

Édith Laplante
Executive organisational development director

Jean-François Thoral - Directeur des achats et TI

Jean-François Thoral
IT Director

Kevin Gendron - Directeur de production

Kevin Gendron
Methods and training manager

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Eric Fournier
Executive director of operations