Social Ethics

Social Ethics

A Big-hearted Family

Respect towards the environment

As an eco-friendly corporate citizen, Aliments ASTA attaches great importance to environmental preservation.

It promotes and implements projects that minimize its impact on ecosystems:

  • Development of an internal wastewater primary treatment system.
  • Implementation of a ventilation system using activated carbon filtration to treat contaminated air emissions, in order to minimize odours in the plant’s surroundings.
  • Installation of a heat recovery system from freezer compressors for the heating of the cutting room in winter, which greatly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Participation in the construction and co-management of a biological wastewater treatment plant in Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, in order to return clean water into nature.

Respect towards the community

Aliments ASTA takes concrete actions for the benefit of the regional communities’ well-being and quality of life; a social commitment that takes the form of charitable contributions, of sponsoring partnerships and scholarship programs. ASTA supports organizations and projects reflecting collective needs and in keeping with the company’s family values in the areas of health, education, culture, municipal recreation and sports.

Respect towards family life

Aliments ASTA has adopted work-life balance measures to facilitate its employees’ family life. With a full-time fixed daytime schedule, from Monday to Friday, employees can spend valuable time with their loved ones on evenings and weekends. A close-by affiliated day care with suitable opening hours is another facilitator. And since personal life also depends on individual health, our Occupational Health and Safety Program guarantees a healthy workplace and our benefit packages cover all aspects of individual and collective health.