Family Spirit

At Aliments ASTA, we count on a hundred skilled employees who are devoted to making our company a continued success. Let us show you their commitment in achieving this goal.

Video testimonials

Julie Landry - Département de la coupe

“I have been working for the meat-cutting department at ASTA since February 2007. At first, I was interested in the daytime fixed schedule, from Monday to Friday, which allowed me to maintain a balanced personal life. Also, I had the opportunity to hold several job positions and thus improve my skills and adaptability. Even though I work surrounded by men, I was easily able to establish myself. The atmosphere on the job is really pleasant and I even made friends with a few colleagues.”

Julie Landry

“Holder of a post-secondary diploma in small business secretarial accounting and computing, I had always worked for grocery stores as a manager. Then, when I decided to start a family, work schedules would no longer suit me. So, I changed career fields and came to Aliments ASTA. As a resident of Saint-Alexandre for many years, I had heard a lot about ASTA, its business development and commitment to the community. But at the time, the benefits that caught my attention were the affiliated day care, the year-round job, the fixed work schedule and the great range of social benefits, including dental and health insurance, and the employer-sponsored pension plan. Furthermore, over the years, I was offered career advancement opportunities. For all those reasons, I have never had any regrets about my career transition. At ASTA, I found a wonderful work team!”

Steeve Michaud

Steeve Michaud - Département de l'abattage

Anfré Gauvin - Département de la maintenance

“I have been a warehouseman for the Maintenance department at Aliments ASTA since 1997, which means that I am in charge of ordering and receiving parts. A welder-fitter by trade, I was first assigned with a general maintenance task. However, over the years, I was offered training in other fields and thus I greatly improved my versatility. I am kind of an odd jobber, so my days are never monotonous. And at ASTA, we enjoy great work conditions and I feel lucky to progress within a dynamic maintenance team!”

André Gauvin